What Does it Mean to be Family?

For me, family does not have anything to do with blood. Family is when you share their pains and triumphs, see them age slowly, and love them no matter what. Sometimes I argue with my family, and what makes it so hard to disagree at times is because I love them and care about them. It’s a lot easier to have different viewpoints if you don’t know the person on the other side of the argument. In the end, family will support you and love you, despite the differences.

My family is my dad, my mom, and my brother. I also consider my best friend family. I’ve known her for over half my life and we can practically read each other’s mind. None of the people I listed are blood-related. If I were to find my biological parents and live with them, would I consider them family? I don’t think so. Of course, I may never know what I would do in that situation. Families can grow, so perhaps if I had the chance to get to know them better, I would consider them family.

It’s hard to think about though, because if I saw my biological mother, and she looked like me, I might instantly feel drawn to her and want her to automatically become family. I think blood relation does matter to a certain extent, but for all I have known, it shouldn’t matter and it doesn’t matter. I love my dad, my mom, my brother, and my best friend: My Family. 


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