Questions of an Adoptee

What do my birth parents look like?
Why did they give me up?
Who are the people who took me in for a year before the orphanage?
Why was I given up again?
Do they ever think of me?
Did / do they love me?
What is the possibility of ever finding them in my lifetime?
Do I want to find my birthparents?
Do I have siblings?
What if I’m a twin?
Do I want to go back to China?
If I go back, will I feel sad, disgusted, unwanted, alone, lost, fulfilled?
If I go back, will I just be seeking faces that look like me?
Will I regret not looking for them?
If I do look, how will I feel if I don’t find anything?
What if I do find something?
What would my parents think / feel?
What if I had parents who were the same race as me?
What if I grew up in a bigger city?
What if I was older when I was adopted?
When I have children, how do I tell them I’m adopted and that’s why grandpa and grandma look different?
Would I want to adopt if I couldn’t have my own?
Did my birthparents have health issues?
What do they do for a living?
Are they dead? Are they alive?
Where are they now?
Would they be proud of me?
Would they not like me?
Would they think I’m just . . . American?
How do cultures differ?
What is a typical day in their life?
How do other adoptees feel?
What are the differences between international and domestic adoption?
Do adoptees have a high chance of developing depression and attachment disorder?
Do we all struggle with identity?
Doesn’t everyone, whether adopted or not, struggle with identity?
Maybe only adoptees of color struggle with it?

To be continued . . .

I’ve listed questions that came to mind first, but I am sure there are many more to ask. I think a lot of my questions can relate to all adoptees, although some of them may not because they are specific for my situation. Every adoptee has their own unique story. If you have questions or comments, please share below!


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