Thoughts on “My Adoption Story” – aka DAN Adoption Documentary Part 1

I just finished watching DANakaDAN’s adoption series on ISAtv. I enjoyed the perspective, but there were many questions left unanswered, which is fine, but if he is comfortable to continue sharing his story, it will be nice to hear more about how this experience affected him in the long run and what he plans to do moving forward. Although he said he didn’t want to make the experience into a “carnival”, I think as long as the focus is on adoption, documentaries are a powerful way to help people understand the emotional and confusing journey of adoption, not only for the adoptee but also for anyone who has ever entered the adoptee’s life. All in all, the series contributes a unique perspective because it shows cultural and language challenges as well as the importance of keeping an open mind and understanding that even if an adoptee meets their birth family, the journey doesn’t end there. What adoption means to an adoptee will change throughout their lives as new experiences and understandings are gained.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts on “My Adoption Story” – aka DAN Adoption Documentary Part 1

  1. hilla143 says:

    I know Dan, and I have enjoyed watching his videos! I need to catch up – I’ve only seen the first 3. It is hard to find the balance of the privacy yet still sharing your story, for sure!

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