Six Days Until Departure

Traveling is a lot of work. Over the last four months, I’ve learned how much effort and planning goes into just preparing for study abroad: application material, health records, transportation needs, scholarship essays, financial planning, and documentation on top of regular course work was much more work than I anticipated. I am happy to have come this far in the process, but I feel the semester has gone by too fast. After completing finals and returning home, I’ve tried to complete last-minute preparations for study abroad while allocating enough time to spend with friends and family.

With less than one week away from departure, I’m still organizing everything I need for the summer in China, and I haven’t thought much more about what to expect emotionally while I’m there as an adoptee and Asian American.

The stress of balancing study abroad deadlines with regular classes has passed, but now I am becoming more nervous about my time away. This is not only my first time traveling alone but it’s also my first time returning to China since my adoption. However, I’ve also been feeling a bit indifferent about being an adoptee from China; perhaps it’s because I have had to focus on other things, or perhaps it’s because I’m putting the adoption thoughts away again, so they don’t interfere with my plans.

Overall, I am very excited for study abroad, but I am also exhausted from all the preparation needed for it. No matter what, though, I am determined to get more out of this opportunity than the price tag and time needed for it. I need to do this for myself and for the people supporting me on this journey. 加油!


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