My Story and China’s Changes – 我的故事和中国的变化

For a class project, I created a Chinese blog on weibo

It’s a great feeling to be able to express some of my thoughts in Chinese, even if it’s at an elementary level. I am also happy to share my adoption story with my Chinese teachers and peers, since they often do not know about international adoptees.

Xiamen 1996

厦门市公证处 — My family and I in 1996 at the Xiamen City Notary Office


I am Xia Wenjin from the 300-level class. I was born in Xiamen, China, but I grew up in Minnesota, USA. In 1996, my parents adopted me. My family includes four people: my dad, mom, my older brother, and me. I don’t remember anything before I was adopted since I was only two years old at the time. However, my parents have told me a few stories. Back then, China was different than it is today. For example, China still enforced the one-child policy, so my birthparents may have wanted a boy since men were thought of as more important than women. Because of this, China’s society today has an imbalanced ratio of men to women, but now the government has started to allow some parents to have two children. In my opinion, the one-child policy has produced some bad consequences, and I think we should still look at the one-child policy from many perspectives.

Leaving An'yang on the bullet train

Leaving An’yang on the bullet train


In terms of transportation, my parents told me that driving in China is dangerous. However, many people at that time still rode bicycles since the transportation was not quite developed. In addition to the changes in transportation, China’s architecture has also had ground-breaking changes. Now there are a lot of skyscrapers, but when my parents adopted me, there weren’t as many. Recently, CET students traveled to An’yang, and we saw a lot of high-rise buildings being erected. Another change that is a problem today is the air pollution.

6.20.14 009

Xiabu Xiabu Hot Pot


My parents told me they didn’t like some of the Chinese food since it was strange, but I really like the food here. Since there are now a lot of restaurants to choose from, I don’t think it’s possible to go to all the restaurants in Beijing. There’s too many! Also, if you don’t like the Chinese food, you can easily go to an American fast-food chain.

Spaghetti dinner with Chinese roommates

Spaghetti dinner with Chinese roommates


After coming to China, I feel that Beijing has left me with a profound impression. I really like this photograph of my roommate, CET classmate, and her roommate. We got together to make spaghetti since our roommates have cooked Chinese food on other weekends. I think this photograph represents shared culture as well as China after the reform and opening up. Years ago, Chinese people didn’t have many opportunities, but they have many more opportunities today, like understanding other cultures and talking with foreigners. In my opinion, this generation can do great things, and I am hopeful for the future.


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