In This Moment

Take a step back and reflect
on what you have now
and not what you want.
Stop worrying about the past.
Stop fretting over the future.
Cherish your loved ones,
and let them cherish you.
In this moment find 
peace, joy, and love. 
Be alive and be kind.


Pity Yes Pity No

I was told I was left at a factory
For only a year I stayed with a family
Perhaps it was because of the policy
All of it is gone from my memory

My next stop was an orphanage

At two and a half I ate white rice
And my hair was short to keep away lice
Perhaps by luck, a roll of the dice
A family came for me, so loving and nice

They took me ‘home’ overseas

I grew up in a small city
Not ideal, but very pretty
My childhood was good, far from shitty
So, I don’t need any pity?